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Le Tallec og Ronaldo

19. ágúst, 2003

TvŠr gˇ­ar greinar um Liverpool:

Why Le Tallec will be our Ronaldo

In most cases, paying ú12m for a teenager would be considered rank stupidity, over-indulgence or, at the very least, a gamble which even Chris Kirkland's dad would shy away from.

When Manchester United do it, it's a stroke of transfer genius.
According to everyone who they make listen, United have just signed the best teenager in the world. By God are we hearing about it.

I'm not doubting Ronaldo's abilities. Clearly he's a talented kid who may be on the threshold of greatness. It just strikes me as rather odd that no-one has given the same attention to Liverpool's equally stunning new teenage recruit.

It seems Gerard Houllier's mistake with Anthony Le Tallec was to buy him early rather than delay until everyone in Europe wanted him. Obviously, Liverpool should have waited until Le Tallec's value was ú12m.

Soon enough, the rest of the nation will wake up to the fact Le Tallec and Ronaldo played in the same world youth championships not so long ago and it was the Liverpool new boy who was voted the best player.

Dj÷full hlakkar mig til a­ sjß Le Tallec spila Ý alv÷ru leik!

Ínnur gˇ­ grein um leikinn ß sunnudag:

Why can't Houllier see it? Allt, sem Úg hef­i vilja­ segja um sunnudaginn. Alex Malone er snilldar pistlah÷fundur!

One game into the new season, and before a ball was even kicked, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the team selection of Gerard Houllier. Itĺs an uneasy feeling Iĺve become accustomed to.

This is the first time I can remember it being like this in my 38 years of supporting the club. Of being nervous and concerned, not just during the game, but even about who is going to play, and in what position they will play. Yes, I actually nervously await the team sheet!

GŠti ekki veri­ meira sammßla. ╔g fˇr ß neti­ a­ minnsta kosti 10 sinnum ß sunnudaginn til a­ sjß hvort li­suppstillingin vŠri komin. ŮvÝlÝk vonbrig­i a­ sjß a­ Baros, Diouf og Le Tallec voru ß bekknum ß me­an a­ Heskey, Biscan og Cheyrou byrju­u innß.

Ok, Úg er farinn. Skrifa vonandi eitthva­ frß Frakklandi og R˙sslandi :-)

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