Hvar varst þú meðan Saddan drap þúsundir

Mjög athyglisverð grein í uppáhaldsblaði margra vinstrimanna.

Þar skrifar Íraki, sem býr núna í London í tilefni mótmælanna í gær. Hann segir meðal annars:

I am so frustrated by the appalling views of most of the British people, media and politicians. I want to say to all these people who are against the possible war, that if you think by doing so you are serving the interests of Iraqi people or saving them, you are not. You are effectively saving Saddam. You are depriving the Iraqi people of probably their last real chance get rid of him and to get out of this dark era in their history.

My family and almost all Iraqi families will feel hurt and anger when Saddam’s media shows on the TV, with great happiness, parts of Saturday’s demonstration in London. But where were you when thousands of Iraqi people were killed by Saddam’s forces at the end of the Gulf war to crush the uprising? Only now when the war is to reach Saddam has everybody become so concerned about the human life in Iraq.

Where were you while Saddam has been killing thousands of Iraqis since the early 70s? And where are you are now, given that every week he executes people through the “court of revolution”, a summary secret court run by the secret security office. Most of its sentences are executions which Saddam himself signs.