Stórfyrirtæki skipuleggja mótmæli

Í kjölfar allrar umræðunnar, sem var hérna á Íslandi um áhrif viðskiptalífsins (og þá sérstaklega einkarekinna fjölmiðla) á stjórnmálin í landinu, þá er nýjasti pistill Paul Krugman athyglisverður

Svo virðist sem Clear Channel, sem á 1200 útvarpsstöðvar í USA hafi skipulagt fjölda mótmæli með stríðinu við Írak. Eigendur fyrirtækisins eru víst ágætis vinir GWB.

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear, but a good guess is that we’re now seeing the next stage in the evolution of a new American oligarchy. As Jonathan Chait has written in The New Republic, in the Bush administration “government and business have melded into one big `us.’ ” On almost every aspect of domestic policy, business interests rule: “Scores of midlevel appointees . . . now oversee industries for which they once worked.” We should have realized that this is a two-way street: if politicians are busy doing favors for businesses that support them, why shouldn’t we expect businesses to reciprocate by doing favors for those politicians ? by, for example, organizing “grass roots” rallies on their behalf?

What makes it all possible, of course, is the absence of effective watchdogs. In the Clinton years the merest hint of impropriety quickly blew up into a huge scandal; these days, the scandalmongers are more likely to go after journalists who raise questions. Anyway, don’t you know there’s a war on?   

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