Að hata Ameríku?

Margir hafa ásakað Michael Moore og fleiri gagnrýnendur Bandaríkjastjórnar um að hata Bandaríkin, sem er náttúrulega fáránleg staðhæfing. Ég rakst á þessi ummæli á Metafilter, skrifuð af þessum notenda

[Moore] loves America. He loves it so much that he is willing to point out its flaws, to try to get it to understand how it could be a better country, to get it to change. He sees the both the best and the worst in it, unflappingly. He is willing to say what he believes is true not because he hates America, but because he wants so badly for it (us) to be the Country it could be – to see the promise of liberty and prosperity and justice and honor fulfilled, to the fullest extent possible.

The recent rhetoric from the pro-Bush “how dare you criticize this wonderful country that has given you so much” viewpoint makes me crazy. In my book, its the people who are willing to hide their heads in the sand, who say simply that America is Great and Right who will eventually destroy this country, not the truth-speakers or the protesters. Is America actually so weak that we can no longer tolerate dissent? Are Michael Moore and a half million protesters going to make the republic fall?

After all, who loves you more? The person who only says “you’re great” no matter what you do, or the person who says “you have spinach on your teeth” or who urges you to be a better person, to try harder, to work harder, to meet your full potential?

Vel skrifað!