Moore svarar fyrir sig

Michael Moore ver Bowling for Columbine í ítarlegri grein. Íhaldsmenn í Bandaríkjunum, sem og á Íslandi hafa að undanförnu reynt að gera lítið úr myndinni og sakað Moore um ítrekaðar lygar.

Þessar ásakanir á Moore eiga margar hverjar upptök hjá öfgahópum og hægri menn í Bandaríkjunum eru alltof viljugir til að endurtaka þær. Það er nefnilega þannig að ef að menn ljúga nógu oft, þá fer fólk að trúa því. Þess vegna virðast sumir íhaldsmenn telja að hægt sé að láta Bowling for Columbine fara framhjá sér því hún sé bara lygar og ýkjur.

I can guarantee to you, without equivocation, that every fact in my movie is true. Three teams of fact-checkers and two groups of lawyers went through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure that every statement of fact is indeed an indisputable fact. Trust me, no film company would ever release a film like this without putting it through the most vigorous vetting process possible. The sheer power and threat of the NRA is reason enough to strike fear in any movie studio or theater chain. The NRA will go after you without mercy if they think there’s half a chance of destroying you. That’s why we don’t have better gun laws in this country – every member of Congress is scared to death of them.

Well, guess what. Total number of lawsuits to date against me or my film by the NRA? NONE. That’s right, zero. And don’t forget for a second that if they could have shut this film down on a technicality they would have. But they didn’t and they can’t – because the film is factually solid and above reproach. In fact, we have not been sued by any individual or group over the statements made in “Bowling for Columbine?” Why is that? Because everything we say is true – and the things that are our opinion, we say so and leave it up to the viewer to decide if our point of view is correct or not for each of them.

Hvet alla, jafnt Moore elskendur sem hatara, til að lesa greinina.