Gyðingahatur í Frakklandi

Nidra Poller, bandarískur rithöfundur, sem hefur búið í París undanfarin 30 ár, er flutt aftur til Bandaríkjanna. Ástæðan? Gyðingahatur í Frakklandi hefur aukist svo mikið að Gyðingar óttast um líf sitt í borginni. Poller skrifar góðar ritgerð um ástandið: Betrayed by Europe

Jews are being persecuted every day in France. Some are insulted, pelted with stones, spat upon; some are beaten or threatened with knives or guns. Synagogues are torched, schools burned to the ground. A little over a month ago, at least one Jew was savagely murdered, his throat slit, his face gouged with a carving knife. Did it create an uproar? No. The incident was stifled, and by common consent—not just by the authorities, but by the Jews.

Some Jews are simply frightened; they are reluctant to take the subway, walk in certain neighborhoods, go out after dark. Others, clearly identifiable as Jews, are courageous and defiant. Many, perhaps the majority, show no outward signs of Jewishness and do not seek to know the truth about the rampant and increasingly violent anti-Semitism all around them. If you are Jewish but do not defend Israel or act too religious or look too different, you are not yet a target—so why insist on monitoring the danger when daily life is so delicious?

Sjá einnig athyglisverðar fréttaskýringar frá BBC: French Jews leave with no regrets og France tackles school anti-Semitism. (via MeFi)