Bretland og við

Úr Financial Times:

So Iceland and the UK traded blows yesterday. That isn’t strictly accurate – this is the big clunking fist of Gordon Brown versus the dignified defensive stance of Geir Haarde, Icelandic prime minister.

There is a small country suffering a financial crisis (the UK) and a tiny one whose economy has collapsed.

Careless savers and mind-bogglingly irresponsible councils ploughed their money into Icelandic bank accounts offering suspiciously high levels of interest. The banks failed. And there, finally, Brown had his Falklands moment.

Except, of course, Argentina was at least a fair fight. I watched an Icelander weep in Reykjavik as Brown spouted political poison.

Either prove that Iceland is a terrorist state, plundering the hard-earned savings of innocents abroad, or admit that it is a bankrupt one that suffered reckless bankers, incompetent regulators and compliant politicians. A country not too dissimilar to our own.


Gagnrýni frá Bretum á íslenskt hagkerfi og hvernig það treysti um of á erlent fjármagn og á bankakerfið kemur úr allra hörðustu átt.