Forsætisráðherra Írlands um Ísland og ESB

Forsætisráðherra Írlands um fjármálakreppuna, Ísland og ESB:

> “On the financial front, Ireland would have been in a far worse position had it not been for our membership of the EU, the euro and the role the European Central Bank played in recent weeks and months.”

>Without EU membership, he said, Ireland could have ended up in a similar position to beleaguered Iceland where a crisis stemming from huge debts taken on by its main lenders has brought down the banking system and made the local currency virtually untradeable.

>”Thankfully it is a hypothetical situation, I wouldn’t like to think what the situation would be if we ended up like them (Iceland) with our own currency,” he said.

>”The access to the resources of the ECB far outweighs the resources of the Irish central bank or Iceland’s central bank. You only have to work that out for yourself to see.”

Ég er officially hættur að skilja hvernig fólk getur mælt gegn ESB aðild Íslands. Það er allavegana ljóst að það fólk stundar varla mikil viðskipti.

Já, og hérna er litla Sara Palin.