Bandaríkjamenn og hinir


Ég verð að játa það að mér finnst þessi Onion grein dálítið fyndin:

Relations break down between U.S. and Them.

After decades of antagonism between the two global powers, the U.S. has officially severed relations with Them, Bush administration officials announced Tuesday.

“They have refused to comply with the U.S. time and time again,” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, following failed 11th-hour negotiations Monday night. “It’s always unfortunate when diplomacy fails, but we could not back down. We have to be ready to fight back, in the name of freedom, against all of Them at once, if necessary.”

Rumsfeld added: “If They’re not with us, They’re against us.”

og svo besta línan 🙂

“They only think about what’s good for Them, but we’re concerned with the needs of all Americans,” Rice added.

Alger snilld.