Fyrsti kossinn…

Vá maður, þetta par toppar allt. Þau ætla að bíða þangað til að þau gifta sig til að kyssast í fyrsta sinn!!!

Hérna er lýsing á hvernig sambandið þeirra byrjaði

“I did have some emotion for her, not a lot,” said Burwell, who owns a custom-cabinet business in Maple Valley. “But I knew deep down that this was the person God wanted me to have.”

They agreed to date, and they both admit the first month and a half was something of an effort.

“God just opened our hearts and we really began to fall in love,” said Merry, who wears a silver cross around her neck and has “JESUS” written on block letters on her key chain. “It was January of this year that everything just exploded and just changed. And we were both filled with a deep sense of love for each other.”

“The only lady I’ve kissed is my mom,” said Burwell, whose father is a pastor. “To me, the first kiss is one of the most precious gifts I can give away, and it’s something I’ll only give my wife.”

They do hold hands. And their fingers are often interlaced during their premarital sessions with their pastor, associate pastor and counselor. But that’s where their physical contact ends.

Þau hafa heldur ekki faðmast. Enda vita allir að það er synd að faðma!

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