Opið bréf Michael Moore til Wesley Clark

Fyrir nokkrum dögum skrifaði Michael Moore þetta opna bréf til Wesley Clark, sem ég var núna að rekast á í gegnum BoingBoing. Þar hvetur Moore Clark til að bjóða sig fram til forseta og virðist sú áskorun hafa borið árangur.

Satt best að segja líst mér ágætlega á Clark, ekki síst útaf þeim ástæðum sem Moore nefnir. Hann er hófsamur jafnaðarmaður og hann er nógu sterkur til að geta sigrað Bush.

You have said that war should always be the “last resort” and that it is military men such as yourself who are the most for peace because it is YOU and your soldiers who have to do the dying. You find something unsettling about a commander-in-chief who dons a flight suit and pretends to be Top Gun, a stunt that dishonored those who have died in that flight suit in the service of their country.

But right now, for the sake and survival of our very country, we need someone who is going to get The Job done, period. And that job, no matter whom I speak to across America — be they leftie Green or conservative Democrat, and even many disgusted Republicans — EVERYONE is of one mind as to what that job is:

Bush Must Go.

This is war, General, and it’s Bush & Co.’s war on us. It’s their war on the middle class, the poor, the environment, their war on women and their war against anyone around the world who doesn’t accept total American domination. Yes, it’s a war — and we, the people, need a general to beat back those who have abused our Constitution and our basic sense of decency.

The General vs. the Texas Air National Guard deserter! I want to see that debate, and I know who the winner is going to be.

By the way, mér finnst það cool að Moore birtir alltaf email addressuna sína með greinum, sem hann skrifar. Hann fær sennilega slatta af pósti daglega.